Our People


Martin Holland

Director of the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE)
Postgraduate Co-ordinator
James Logie 402
Internal Phone: 94539

Support staff

Yvonne Grosch

James Logie L4 Rm 415
Internal Phone: 94395

Rebecca Morgan

James Logie 414
Internal Phone: 95561

Thomas Gillman

Internal Phone: 95842

Research fellows and lecturers

Natalia Chaban

Jean Monnet Chair
James Logie 404
Internal Phone: 95549

Milenko Petrovic

Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate Co-ordinator
James Logie 411
Internal Phone: 95547

Katharine Vadura

Lecturer - Teaching and Administration
Adjunct Senior Fellow
James Logie 417
Internal Phone: 94381

Serena Kelly

Lecturer - Teaching and Administration
James Logie 416
Internal Phone: 95355

Nicholas Ross Smith

Post-doctoral Fellow

Adjunct Fellows

Professor Jeremy Richardson

NCRE University of Canterbury Private Bag 4800 Christchurch 8140

Professor Mike Smith

Adjunct Professorial Fellow | Jean Monnet Professor of European Politics
Loughborough University, Leicestershire, LE11 3TU United Kingdom

Matthew Doidge

Visiting Lecturer | NCRE Postdoctoral Research Fellow
c/o National Centre for Research on Europe, 2nd Level Geography Building, University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch, New Zealand
Internal Phone: 4913

Dr John Leslie

Adjunct Fellow

Prof Richard Whitman

Adjunct Fellow

Associated UC staff

Annick Masselot

Director of Postgraduate PhD and LLM (Thesis)
Meremere 417
Internal Phone: 93814

John Hopkins

Meremere 332
Internal Phone: 93737

Prof Neil Boister

Head of School
Meremere 316
Internal Phone: 92191

NCRE Postgraduate Graduate students

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