Past NCRE and EUC Network Conferences

Conference details Date
30 Years After the Single European Act
Hong Kong Baptist University
29-30 June 2016
Europe: New Leadership, New Directions?
AUT, New Zealand
23-25 November 2015
Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive - Researching the EU form Australia and New Zealand
Australian National University, Australia
9-11 September 2013
The EU in Our World
Massey Univeristy, New Zealand
13-14 December 2012
European Dilemmas: Internal and External Issues Facing the EU
University of Waikato, New Zealand
7-8 December 2011
European Integration at 60: Progress, Problems, Perspectives
Lincoln University, New Zealand.
25-26 November 2010
Europe Twenty Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Overcoming “East and West” – International Conference
Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand.
3-4 November 2009
CERC Conference - University of Melbourne
"EU-Asia Relations: A Critical Review"
27-28 March 2008
National Europe Centre at the ANU presents their Graduate Research Workshop 2008 "Breaking the Research Barrier: Comparative, transnational and qualitative methods" 4 April 2008
EUCN Annual Conference "European Integration at 50:Assessing the Past, Present and Future". Held at the University of Otago 12-13 November 2007
The EU´s new identity and its perception in Asia: Responding to the 7th Framework Programme "Europe in the World" 27-29 July 2006
EU and dialogue between peoples and cultures: Seeing the EU through the Eyes of Others 25 November 2005
Asia-Pacific EU Conference 9-11 September 2004
Technologies, Publics and Power 1-5 February 2004
2nd New Zealand European Studies Conference
The New Europe: Rethinking Frameworks
29-30 August 2003
Business History and Europe Conference 5-6 September 2003