Partners and sponsors

Since the Centre was established in 2000, a relatively large number of students have graduated either directly from the programmes offered by the NCRE, or from other programmes while working in the Centre to conduct their research, in a wide range of different research areas.

Friends of the NCRE

The NCRE relies heavily on external funding for its activities; all grants and donations are greatly appreciated.

  • The NCRE is endeavouring to set up an independent scholarship fund for students studying Europe and the European Union in New Zealand, and would welcome any offers of support towards seeing this become a reality. Currently the Centre offers a range of scholarships and two European Parliament Internships to students from all over New Zealand each year. While traditionally these have been all covered through the NCRE's own funding, 2005 saw the first externally supported Internship, with Fonterra sponsoring Sara Peary's three month stint at the European Parliament at the beginning of the year. It is hoped that in the future more external funding such as this will be found.
  • External funding for the Centre's current or future research projects from either business or government sources is also being sought. Any offers or suggestions of such sources would be greatly appreciated.