Governments and diplomats

European parliament

The NCRE is the only New Zealand research centre dedicated to the study of Europe and the European Union. NCRE activities include policy advice and analysis, as well as outreach efforts designed to raise the EU profile in the Asia-Pacific region.

In recognition of this, representatives of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the European Commission Delegation to Australia and New Zealand, and the current holders of EU Presidency sit on the Centre's External Advisory board. The Centre has also organised regular contact with the New Zealand Foreign Affairs Select Committee in order to offer policy advice and commentary on Europe direct to policy makers.

The NCRE welcomes contributions from diplomats and practitioners to its weekly European Roundtable seminars and hosts a European-in-Residence programme annually.

The Centre holds an annual Diplomatic Seminar Series as part of its regular seminar programme. 

The NCRE welcomes offers to present seminars, visit the Centre, or suggestions for new research topics from government and diplomatic sources.

We welcome the input of visiting experts