Visiting Scholars Programme

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The Macmillan Brown Research and Visiting Scholars Programme attracts a wide variety of distinguished researchers from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds studying the Pacific. The programme is advertised annually and scholars contribute to the activities of the Centre and other departments through seminar presentations, guest lectures.

2009 Scholars

  • Fred Saeni
    Indigenous Knowledge and its importance to customary land registration in the Solomon Islands
  • Dr Kirsty Gillespie
    Women's song in Highland Papua New Guinea: Exploring Empowerment through Music
  • Dr Karen Stevenson
    Pacific Arts and Artists

2008 Scholars

  • Andy Lelei
    A graphic novel of a fictional group of Superheroes called Le Onoeva

2007 Scholars

  • Dr France Mugler
    Vernacular multilingualism in Fiji
  • Dr Azmat Gani 
    Health care Funding, Health Status and Human Well being in Pacific Island Countries
  • Dr Kehaulani Kauanui
    Hawaiian Feminist Decolonization
  • Dr Iati Iati
    Civil Society in Samoa
  • Dr Robert Nicole
    Pacific History, Pedagogy and Literature
  • Daniel Waswas
    Contemporary Culture in Papua New Guinea

2006 Scholars

  • Dr Steven Winduo 
    Indigenous Medicinal Plants and Biolinguistic diversity in Papua New Guinea
  • Dr Katerina Teaiwa
    Between our islands: A multi-sited ethnography of Banaban phosphate
  • Dr Keith Camacho
    The War Crimes Trials of Guam (1945-1949)
  • Dr Mark Calamia 
    Community based marine protected areas

2005 Scholars

  • Professor Konai Thaman
    Pacific Education 
  • Dr Malakai Koloamatangi 
    EU-Pacific Relations 
  • Dr Silipa Silipa
    Responding to Pacific Students Diversity
  • Professor Hermann Hiery
    Ecology and Colonialism: the case of the German Pacific 1884-1914
  • Professor Eric Waddell 
    Jean-Marie Tjibaou 
  • Dr Heather Young-Leslie
    A Polynesian biomedisone; modernity, indigeneity and Tongan Doctors 
  • Dr Mark Calamia
    Community based marine protected areas

2004 Scholars

  • Dr Maria Borovnik
    Seafarers and the families in Kiribati - aspects of health and well-being
  • Dr Ieti Lima
    Alcohol and the Health of Pacific peoples in New Zealand
  • Dr Maria Bargh
    Indigenous resource management and processes of commodification
  • Dr Lawrence Kalinoe
    Recent developments in Compensation Payments to Indigenous Peoples by mining companies: a Case study of the Ok Tedi Community Mine continuation agreements 2001 regime
  • Dr Jon Fraenkel
    An Economic History of the Pacific Islands