The Macmillan Brown Centre publications programme operates in accordance with the wishes expressed in John Macmillan Brown's will; the main areas of research and publishing of the Centre will be the societies and cultures, past and present, of the indigenous peoples of Oceania (including New Zealand).

In addition to single titles, the Centre publishes monographs, occasional papers and working papers.

Pacific Dynamics Journal

The Pacific Dynamics Journal of Interdicplanry Research launched in 2017 is Macmillan Browns fully accredited and peer reviewed Journal. Its aim is to provide a space to break down the disciplinary boundaries, research discourses and methodologies in order to better understand the dramatic changes facing the Pacific states and peoples today. 

The Journal is currently published biannually through the centre in collaboration with UCs Arts Digital Lab.


Macmillan Brown Press


The Macmillan Brown Center will soon be launching its own press in concert with the University of Canterbury Library. This will primarily be an e-press with an open access format with hard copy books available from print upon request. 

Politics of preferential development - Steven Ratuva

Politics of preferential development cover

The people have spoken - Steven Ratuva

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The people have spoken cover