Scott Butcher

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Hi, I’m Scott a local of our very own Christchurch. I am working towards my Ma with both MBC and the Anthropology department. My research concerns how power and worldview influences relationships between donors, provincial governments and communities implementing climate change adaptation programmes in the Solomon Islands.

I chose to pursue this research after spending a number of years as a volunteer and also working as a consultant in the Solomon Islands. While there I witnessed a number of situations where donors, provincial government and communities came together to develop and implement climate change adaptation programmes. However I had concerns about how power and worldview differences maybe influencing the design and quality of these programmes. Since communities in the Solomon Islands are already feeling the impacts of climate change and donors are investing substantial resources into climate change programmes, it struck me as an area that needs further exploration. Hopefully what I learn can feed back into better processes for engagement by donors looking to implement climate change programmes in the pacific. Not only would I like to provide information that can help donors, but also information that can help those that are often at the receiving end of climate change programmes, which in this case will be provincial governments and communities.

I was attracted to MBC as the centre has a range of people working across the pacific, in different areas and from different backgrounds. It’s an good opportunity for networking and important to feel connected to other researchers at the postgraduate level.

Hamish Ferguson

Hamish Ferguson

'I want to give back to the sport that has taken me around the world...'