Jovanie Camacho Espesor

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I’m from the Philippines and I'm doing a PhD studying Political Science. My research project is about the complex role of civil society in democracy promotion in conflict-ridden communities in southeast Asia. I am interested in answering the question: ‘why non-government organisations (NGO) conform to and deviate from the liberal peacebuilding framework?’. Using two cases, Aceh, Indonesia and Mindanao, Philippines, I argue that NGOs are the primary liberal agents commissioned by most donor agencies and countries to carry-out their democracy promotion projects in communities marred with violent armed conflicts. It is found that development NGOs do not only  conform to their donor-prescribed liberal peacebuilding framework, they also deviate from and modify the model due to resistance of illiberal power-brokers in the conflict zones. 

As I grew-up in a war-torn community in the southern Philippines and have personally witnessed armed skirmishes between the insurgent groups and members of the security forces of the Philippine Government this research is particularly important to me. I hopes to formulate broad-stroke policy recommendations, which are grounded on current realities of war-riven communities, to enhance the performance of NGOs and aid agencies in peacebuilding operations. I am working with the Macmillan Brown Centre as it is a conducive research hub that provides world-class thesis supervision for students, who are doing interdisciplinary studies, and engagements with a wide-array of Pacifica scholars.