Karlyn Tekulu

  • Karlyn Tekulu

My name is Karlyn and I am from Solomon Islands. I study perceptions of conflict from an indigenous standpoint. My research covers the topics of conflict, conflict resolution and conflict management at the community level. I came to choose this area of research after Solomon Islands, a nation of more than 70 indigenous cultural groups, experienced a conflict in 1998 through to 2003. The island nation has seen various ‘external’ mechanisms of conflict resolution brought in to resolve internal conflicts. This raised my interest in exploring what local mechanisms of conflict resolution might be present in this diverse nation. From this research, I hope to highlight the importance of indigenous knowledge and work towards developing a national conflict resolution framework that promotes harmony in the nation.

Conducting my research at the Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies was a deliberate decision. Being in this Centre allows me to explore different academic disciplines without restraint or confinement to one arena. At the Centre we have the Collective, which is a group of all the postgraduate students studying here at Macmillan Brown. We meet weekly and present and or hear each other’s progress in our research. This provides an opportunity for peers to review your work in a safe, supportive space. The Collective has been a highlight of working at Macmillan Brown.