Scott Walker

Scott Walker

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include investigating the determinants of human rights violations, Pacific human rights, causes of success in settlements to intrastate conflict, and the impact of United States military intervention on prospects for democratisation.

Recent Publications

  • Walker S. (2015) The Contingent Nature of Democracy Promotion. Political Studies Review 13(1): 2-10.
  • Walker S. (2013) Instability In Mali. New Zealand International Review 38(4): 10-12.
  • Bahador B. and Walker S. (2012) Did the Iraq war have a body bag effect? American Review of Politics 33(Fall/Winter): 247-270.
  • Walker S. (2012) Human Rights in the South Pacific: A Comparative Analysis. Political Science 64(1): 39-61.
  • Walker S. (2012) What have we learned about forced democratisation? New Zealand International Review 37(3): 9-12.