Here you can find reports and documents from UC Sustainability students (and staff). At times the Sustainability Office has supervised UC students to work on various sustainability related topics, in conjunction with supervisors from departments all over UC. Staff in the UC Sustainability Office also carry out research projects on occasion. This catalogue is a showcase of some of the amazing research and projects undertaken by students who have worked hard to contribute to the UC Sustainability research catalogue and the various departments, individuals and community groups they worked with.

For a selection of sustainability-related research that is done outside of the UC Sustainability Office, see UC's Research Impact page here.


Bridget Snodgrass, "Examining types and mechanisms of Student led environmental activism in Western developed countries" (‌PDF.5MB) (ARTS395 Internship).


Ryan Brosnahan,"Towards Sustainable Transport: The Effects of Policies and Initiatives on Travel Behaviour at the University of Canterbury, 2000-2012" (PDF, 574KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Ting Powell and Hui Lieu, "Monitoring and Modelling Stormwater Networks on the UC Campus: A Data Collection System to Callibrate the MEDUSA model for the Okeover Stream Catchment" (PDF, 1.25MB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Kate Walsh, "Understanding Students' Accessbility and Barriers to Nourishing Food" (PDF, 866KB) (ARTS295 report in conjunction with the UC Sustainability Office and the Food Resilience Network)


Ani Kainamu, "An Assessment of the Value and Feasibility of Mahinga Kai at UC‌" (PDF, 1.3MB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Daniel Gilmour, "Community Food Resilience in the Avon-Otakaro Residential Red Zone: Christchurch and its Future for Community Food Security‌" (PDF, 1.56MB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Ting Powell, "On-site composting at University of Canterbury‌" (PDF, 1.79MB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Michael Southon, "Eco-Housing at UC - Passive Residential Housing Design and Land Use Optimisation‌" (PDF, 5.36MB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)


Kelli Campbell, "Sustainable Transport at UC‌" (PDF, 5.6MB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Nathaniel Claridge and Luke Edwards, "Green roof technology - Research, Design and Implementation of a Green Roof at the University of Canterbury" (PDF, 638KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project). Click here for first set of appendices (Green roof technology - Appendices) and here for the second (Green roof technology - Diagram Appendices).

Mario Fichtner, "Mapping the UC Food System‌" (PDF, 3.96MB) (UC Sustainability Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Agnete Gundersen, "A History of Sustainability Initiatives at the University of Canterbury‌", (PDF, 159KB) (UC Sustainability Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)


Mario Fichtner, "Food Matters: Researching Viability of a Sustainable Food System at the University of Canterbury" (PDF 390KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Mario Fichtner, "Examining Universities' Sustainability Progress‌" (PDF 510KB) (UC Sustainability Staff Report)

Mario Fichtner, "Fruit Tree Proposal for the University of Canterbury‌" (PDF 390 KB) (UC Sustainability Staff Report)

Kate Henry, "Comparing the Current Chemical Cleaning Regime and Non-Chemical Cleaning at the University of Canterbury: A Report and Practical Microbiological Experiment" (670 KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Sharon McIver, "The Revelations of Rubbish: Monitoring and Improving the University of Canterbury’s Waste System" (PDF 822KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Staff Project)

Cameron McLeod, "Transition Enquiry: An Investigation of the Feasibility of a UC Transition Initiative" (PDF 308KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)


Eli Darnell, "Proposal of Sustainable Landscape Management for the UC Campus" (PDF 80KB) (Earlham College/ UC Sustainability Office Internship)

Lisa Geary, "Investigating the Feasibility of a University of Canterbury Time Bank‌" (PDF 136KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Lisa Geary, "Proposal for a UC Resource Exchange Programme‌" (PDF, 639KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)

Natalie Scott, "Whose stream is it anyway? Community identification in Okeover Stream, Canterbury" (PDF 1.2MB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship Project)


Brooke Connolly. "Bellbirds (Anthornis melanura) at the University of Canterbury‌" (PDF, 2.141MB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship)


Allan Brent, "Tomorrow's offices at the University of Canterbury‌" (PDF 85KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship)

Alex Ross and Charlotte Stephen-Brownie, "Sustainable Halls of Residence and Hostels: A Best Practice Guide‌" (PDF, 4.25MB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship)

Best Practice Guide for Events‌" (426KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship)


Anna-Maria Covich, "A Convenient Place to Address and Inconvenient Truth? Integrating Sustainability into Teaching and Learning at Canterbury" (91 KB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship)

Jeremy Thin, "Softening the Edges of a Modernist University Campus: A Landscape History of the University of Canterbury at Ilam" (PDF 3.44MB) (UC Sustainability Summer Scholarship)