In New Zealand, about 44% of our total energy is used in transporting us around. Whilst driving a private car might offer the benefit of convenience, sometimes it isn't always the optimal transport mode, especially when the costs of running a vehicle is added up. Cars aren't always the fastest and/or cheapest way to commute to the University either. Check out the UC Commuter Challenge results for some interesting time comparisons.

Fuel combustion in the engine of a vehicle emits CO2, which is the main greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Staff and student car users drove a total estimated 15.5 million kilometres in 2005 commuting to/from the University of Canterbury. That equates to approximately 4000 tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted to the atmosphere along with unknown levels of other pollutants!

Reducing the use of your vehicle doesn't have to require an all-or-nothing approach. Mixing and matching the different modes of transport with single occupant driving (bus, cycle and carpooling) will still make a difference, even if you use a different mode just one day out of five.

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