Cycling has to be the best way to get to UC. Check out all the services and facilities on campus, then whip out your bike and remember to smile nicely as you cruise past all those pesky traffic jams!

Campus cycling services and facilities

See what's available for cyclists on campus, including stands, showers and Dr Bike.

Cycling tips and other useful information

Get tips on how to get to UC faster, fitter, safer, and smarter.

Cycle Runway YouTube Video

Check out some highlights from our 2012 Cycle Runway, a fashion show on bikes!

UC Bicycle Users Group (BUG)

Click here for information about BUG

Quick list of reasons why cycling beats driving

  • It's cheaper
  • Park where you want - for free
  • It's faster within 5km of your destination
  • You get fitter and SEXIER!
  • You're not limited by roads
  • It's enjoyable
  • Less road rage
  • Bike baskets make quick shops even faster
  • It’s better for the environment
  • You’re decreasing the amount of motorised traffic dominating community space
  • Less wear and tear on the roads
  • Increases safety for those already cycling by adding to the visibility of cyclists
  • Helps stop the demand for green space to be converted into car parks
  • Contributes to healthier communities by reducing the strain on public health services

How safe is cycling?

The Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) has put together a short list of statistics about biking in New Zealand. There are almost 1.3 million cyclists in NZ, about a third of the population. Only about 1 in 1000 cyclists are in injury crashes every year - compared to 3 in 1000 car drivers.

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