Busing and Public Transport in Christchurch

Why busing beats driving

  • No parking
  • No dealing with awful drivers
  • Time to catch up on study (or sleep)
  • Buses have priority on the roads
  • Lots of busses have bike racks! Learn how to take your bike on the bus below.

The University of Canterbury has buses running every few minutes from plenty of stops around campus, making bussing an obvious choice for those who live close to a bus route and more than 5km way from campus. Check out Metroinfo’s interactive map to see if the routes below are close to you, or let their online journey planner figure it out for you. You can also find out where the bus stops are.

Check out the Metroinfo timetables or download the Metro Bus Network Map below:

Bus routes (from MetroInfo)

Bus routes servicing UC Ilam

  • Purple Line 3: Airport - Sumner via Avonhead stops on Ilam Rd
  • 120 Burnside - Spreydon stops on Clyde Rd
  • 130 Hei Hei - Avonhead - stops on Creyke Rd
  • 100 Wigram - The Palms - stops on Clyde Rd, Creyke Rd and Ilam Rd

Bus routes servicing Dovedale site

  • Purple Line 3: Airport - Sumner via Avonhead stops on Ilam Rd
  • 130 Hei Hei - Avonhead - stops on Dovedale Ave and Solway Ave
  • O Orbiter - stops on Waimairi Rd

Timetable and map information

This is available online for all bus routes at Metroinfo. Or for a selection of printed timetables, see the UCSA.

MetroCards - cheaper, easier travel

MetroCards are free electronic pre-pay discount cards for use on Christchurch buses. You save at least 25% on the cash fare, and you are entitled to unlimited number of transfers within two hours. Visit MetroInfo for more information, and purchase a MetroCard from the UCSA.

Child Fares are about to be extended to include under 19s, allowing for 18 year olds to access discounted bus fares. Read more on the Environment Canterbury website here.

Bikes on buses

Bike racks are now fitted on many of buses on the Metro routes, including the Purple Line (Airport - Sumner via Avonhead) and 21 Ilam - Mt Pleasant, which both service UC. It's free to use the bike racks if you're taking the bus.

For more information about other routes with bike racks, and how to load your bike visit the Metroinfo website.