Order office products with environmental credentials through OfficeMax

Purchasing office products with environmental credentials help to send signals to UC's supply-chain providers that there is a market for such products, plus support businesses that are implementing good environmental practice in their own business model.

This page provides some simple steps for UC staff to identify a range of products that have environmental credentials through the Office Max catalogue.

Environmental credentials

OfficeMax offers an EcoMax range which encompasses nearly twenty different kinds of environmental accreditations, which you can search for when ordering a particular product. Please note that products with environmental credentials are not neccesarily more expensive than standard products.

If cost is a concern, you can do a price comparison of different products using a product comparison filter.

OfficeMax price comparison filter

How to order

Step One: Log into UniMarket and select OfficeMax as per usual

There are two key tools in the Office Max website which will enable you to identify and order products with environmental credentials; catalogues and a product filter.

OfficeMax ordering step 1

Step Two: Change the Catalogue from Top 500 to Global Products

It's important to use the right catalogue in Office Max - searching the 'Top 500 - University of Canterbury'' catalogue will result in a limited choice of green products. Searching the "All products GLOBAL" catalogue will result in a much wider range of products to choose from.

Go to the Catalogue field. "University of Canterbury Top 500" will be automatically selected. This option will exclude many products with environmental credentials available through Office Max. To capture ALL products available through Office Max, use the drop-down-menu triangle to the right of this field to change from "Top 500" to "Global" (see below).

OfficeMax ordering step 2

Step Three: Use the filter tool to identify products with environmental credentials

Use the filter tool located on the top left hand corner to identify products with the environmental credential you have in mind (e.g. 100% recyclable content or made in New Zealand). In some cases you can use multiple filters to identify products with a very specific bundle of two or more environmental credentials.

OfficeMax ordering step 3