Policy and plans

The University of Canterbury recognises long-term sustainability as one of the key strategic issues that will increasingly affect both the University and wider society. This thinking is linked with the University's vision of "people prepared to make a difference".

UC Sustainability Policy

View the Sustainability Policy here.

UC Sustainability Plan 

Other plans include:

  1. UC Biodiversity Plan 2022 - 2025
  2. UC Waste Plan 2022-2030
  3. UC Waste Plan 2014 - 2022 (now superseded by the Waste Plan 2022-2030).
  4. UC Watershed and Waterways Plan 2017-2023
  5. UC Cycle Plan 2022-2030
  6. University of Canterbury Landscape Concept 2014 - 2022
  7. UC Sustainable Food and Drink Plan 2019 - 2024 - currently under revision
  8. UC Sustainable Food and Drink Plan 2021 - 2030 
  9. Engaging Students in Sustainability  (2019 - 2023)
  10. UC Waterways - Context and Background document
  11. Cycling at UC - 2022 context and background document 

Sustainability vision and values

The University of Canterbury will be recognised locally, nationally and internationally as a leader and model in its commitment to the principles and practices of sustainability and research, teaching and critique of sustainability in all aspects of its activities.

For a definition and discussion of what sustainability means, click here: What is sustainability??

Advancing sustainability in the tertiary education sector

The University is a member of a number of organisations and programmes related to sustainability in tertiary education, including:

  • Sustainable Tertiary Education in New Zealand (STENZ), a network of sustainability staff in all tertiary education institutions in New Zealand.
  • Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) - the University of Canterbury is a foundation member of ACTS and co-hosted with Lincoln University and CPIT the ACTS 2008 conference in Christchurch, October 2008. ACTS is a leading inter-institutional body advocating for best practice sustainability within the operations, curriculum and research of the tertiary education sector. Our membership also provides students and staff access to range of member only sustainability ACTS resources.