The UC Sustainability Office is an on-campus hub for individuals and groups interested in how they can create positive change and promote sustainable practices within the University of Canterbury and wider community. The Sustainability Office organizes events, communicates pathways for change, promotes sustainability and supports a network of individuals and working groups across campus and wider community. We are a resource for staff, students and the wider community who want to connect with sustainable-minded others and create change in their own lives and spaces.

UC Sustainability Office roles are:

  • To help people see how sustainability relates to their area of work, research, studies and their wider lives.
  • To act as a catalyst for the University in pursuing its charter intentions regarding sustainability and environmental leadership.
  • To foster a culture of people prepared to make a difference in creating socio-ecologically sustainable societies.
  • To value, recognise and reward people for sustainable efforts and participation.

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Sustainability Programme Board 


During 2019, a specially constituted working party developed an Implementation Plan for sustainability intiatives. This was later ratified by UC Council. The Implementation Plan gives effect to the sustainability section in the new University Strategy.

It was also agreed that a Sustainability Programme Board be established to oversee this work. 

The Sustainability Programme Board's purposes are to:

  • Establish key performance indicators 
  • Ensure that sustainability initiatives are linked to one another in a coherant programme of work 
  • Ensure that sustainability initiatives are execued in a timely manner and logical sequence 
  • Ensure that all Colleges are well represented in this process 
  • Ensure that the wider UC community understands the programme of work

Members of the Programme Board are:

Name Position
Jan Evans-Freeman Chair 
Sustainability Office Secretariat
Matt Morris Sustainability Advisor
Te Maire Tau Ngāi Tūāhuriri Representative
Bronwyn Hayward Academic Representative
Karen Scott Academic Representative
Glynne Mackey Academic Representative
David Evison Academic Representative
Jamie Shulmeister Academic Representative
Kathryn Mackinven Research and Innovation 
Rob Oudshoorn Facilities Management 
Asher Herrmann  UCSA Executive