What is Fair Trade?

We Support Fairtrade brand

Fair Trade is a movement that aims to change the current global trade system through a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing nations.

Fair Trade supports marginalised farmers and workers in developing countries, enabling them to take care of their environment and to build a better and more secure life for themselves, their families and their communities.

By changing the balance of power in trade, purchasing Fair Trade creates a real, positive difference in people’s lives, from the farmers and workers growing crops, right through the supply chain to the place where you buy the end product.

UC is committed to being a socially responsible institution. Supporting Fair Trade growers and producers is an important way to demonstrate this. It encourages our students to become aware of key global social and environmental issues, and offers them a platform for personal action and commitment.

It’s important to understand that Fair Trade is not a charity. It’s about paying people fairly for what they produce by reducing the profits that go to the middle men and marketing companies that handle non-Fair Trade commodities.

Fair Trade supports the people who produce the commodities instead. It guarantees producers receive a minimum price regardless of global trends, and that workers receive basic humanitarian services, good health, clean water, liveable wages and schooling for their children.

UC is proud to stand with Fair Trade producers and encourage ethical sourcing. To support this, we are committed to purchasing Fairtrade certified and World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) products.

As the most widely recognised ethical labels in the world, the Fairtrade and WFTO marks shows that the Fair Trade ingredients in the product have been sourced in accordance with and meet internationally agreed Fairtrade and WFTO social, economic and environmental standards.

UC staff and students are proud of the University’s Fair Trade accreditation as further evidence of UC’s living up to its vision of people prepared to make a difference – tangata tū, tangata ora.

Links for more information about Fair Trade:

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