Reducing energy use on campus

Light switch

Where does our energy come from?

At the University of Canterbury (UC), a coal boiler is currently used for centrally heating the main campus and halls of residence. Electricity runs lighting, air-conditioning, and all electrical equipment.

Our electricity comes from Meridian Energy. Meridian generates electricity from renewable energy sources such as water and wind and these renewable sources don’t create greenhouse gas emissions. Despite this, it is still very important to cut our electricity consumption. When we reduce electricity consumption across campus we save valuable dollars for better use elsewhere within the University. Moreover, we also reduce our contribution to demands for building expensive and electricity-generation facilities and their associated environmental impact.

What is being done?

UC has had an energy efficiency programme since the mid-1990s. This includes energy efficient design of new buildings and renovations, energy audits and ongoing monitoring, and gradual upgrading of buildings on campus to improve their energy performance.

University of Canterbury is a member of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) Energy Wise programme for government organisations.

The University has an Energy Manager. The Energy Manager's role is to focus on finding ways to reduce electricity and water consumption, and investigate alternative energy supplies for campus heating.

CEMARS® certification

UC was the first university in the Southern Hemisphere to achieve CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme) certification. CEMARS certification involves taking accountability and action against the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) generated as a result of the university's business activities. Certification signals that we are taking a leadership role by reducing our impact on the environment and offering a sustainable alternative for prospective students. Learn more about UC's CEMARS journey here - Summary of CEMARS certification

What can you do?