Fair Trade at UC

UC is Fair Trade

Our University is Fair Trade | He whare wānanga Tauhokohoko Matatika tēnei

UC has been recognised by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand as a Fair Trade University, one of only two in New Zealand, and the first entirely Fair Trade campus.

We received our accreditation in July 2017, and as a university community we are incredibly proud of this achievement.

All UC staff lunchrooms and kitchens now exclusively stock Fair Trade tea and coffee. UC’s Procurement Policy states that our preferred supplier for canteen consumables will only supply Fair Trade tea and coffee brands to UC staff kitchens and departments. Please see the ‘Ordering Fair Trade at UC’ page for more information on how to order Fair Trade products in your department.

All cafés across the entire campus offer a range of Fair Trade coffee, tea, and Fair Trade drinking chocolate and chocolate bars from Trade Aid.

Currently, all UCSA cafes supply Fairtrade certified coffee from Common Good Coffee Roasters. They also supply Fair Trade drinking chocolate, Fairtrade certified flavoured barista syrups, Fair Trade chocolate bars, and Nuts n Bolts Café in the Engineering Core even stocks Fairtrade certified soft drinks.

Café 101 and Reboot supply Fairtrade certified coffee from Vivace, and Ancestral Café supplies Fairtrade certified coffee from Underground Coffee.  Café 101 and Reboot also offer Fair Trade drinking chocolate and Fair Trade chocolate bars.

Our University’s procurement team also has a preferred supplier contract with a Fairtrade certified apparel company called Little Yellow Bird (LYB). LYB is based in Auckland, and supplies Fairtrade organic cotton tee shirts and uniforms, made in a Fairtrade certified factory in India. If you’re in a UCSA club on campus thinking about ordering tee shirts or other clothing, why not ask the exec to opt for Fairtrade certified apparel?

The more we support Fair Trade, the greater the positive impact we have on the lives of small-scale producers all over the world. Buying Fair Trade helps create a better life for growers, workers, artisans and clothing cooperatives through long-term job sustainability, fair working conditions and funding for health care, education and other social development in their communities.