Performance and technique analysis

22 November 2023

Our expert team at UC Rec & Sport provides a range of performance and technique analysis tools and tests. These include technique analysis, team sport game analysis, and live streaming. Learn more about performance and technique analysis at UC.

Game analysis for team sports

Game analysis allows teams to video and review key events that occurred during competition or practice. These phases can be reviewed by the coach, support staff, and players after their game. UC Rec and sport PA interns code events to suit the individual sport and coaches requirements. 

Examples of events coded during game analysis in hockey

  • Ball at back
  • Circle penetrations
  • Penalty corners
  • Defensive outlet
Technique (video) analysis in sport

Optimise your sporting performance and reduce your risk of injury through improved technique and movement efficiency. We offer a range of video analysis options covering both team and individual sports and their related movement patterns.


  • Identify strengths and weakness in your technique
  • Improve movement patterns
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Enhance your body awareness through visual feedback.

What to expect 

  • We will film you during competition or training
  • Review your technique with your coach
  • Advise on how you may need to change your technique to improve (running, bike set up, kicking, tackle)
Live Streaming (games and tournaments)

Live Streaming for your games

With our Panasonic HC-X1500 high definitions 4k camera we can livestream your games to your own Facebook page or Youtube channel.


Endzone High camera Tripod

The EVS combines the best of all outdoor telescoping towers. Not only is it a towering 35 feet tall, but it also has the portable base that is our sturdiest ever while also being the easierst to move around. This sports video equipment combines high levels of durability with versatility and ease of use.


Camera Operator

Our trained camera operators can assist you with quality footage and set up on the day.

  • Mobile camera to any location on or off the field
  • Angle and height of capture for a clear wide angle view
  • Pant, tilt and zoom of footage
  • Qualified people to connect with your organisation

Our live streaming software and mobile Endzone Tripod can bring your tournamentor game to life through online platforms via Youtube or Facebook. With a direct link to your sport club or school social media page your games are captured and showcased live for people to watch online. 

  • Ethernet capability is preffered for smooth buffering 
  • Access to your social media page for the duration of the tournament

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