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11 October 2023

Take a bunch of Functional exercises, add them into Interval Training, get it done in 50 minutes, and you have FIT50 - Our full body strength and conditioning workout completed in the FUN Zone! Check out FIT50 classes at UC Rec & Sport.

What to expect
  • Warm-up phase of 5 minutes of simple cardio exercises 
  • 40min interval based Circuit, utilising all of the equipment and toys that the FUN Zone provides! 
  • Cool down and stretch phase of 5 minutes
  • Location: FUN Zone
Fit50 using TeamBeats
  • We loan you a HR monitor, or you can wear your own ANT+ compatible device
  • Your HR is displayed on screen, with colour zones to show you instantly if you could push a little harder 
  • Exercises, workout/rest intervals, and time remaining in the class are also shown 
  • Your personal results for the class will be loaded into your app automatically
Benefits of FIT50 
  • Class size is limited to a maximum of 15 people - no more competing for equipment with 70 other people in our main HIIT classes!
  • Personalised instruction from our experienced and motivaing instructors
  • Learn how to use and create your own workouts using the equipment in the Fun Zone. 
  • Improve your aerobic fitness, muscular fitness and strength
  • Enjoy the feeling of commuinity as you connect and workout with like minded individuals. 
How often should you attend?

Include it in your fitness routine 2-4 times per week and watch your body transform! 

Costs (additional to membership or casual entry fee)
  • $3 per class (member)
  • $27 for 10 concession card (members only or can be used in conjunction with casual entry or casual concession)

Please head to reception before the class starts to pay and collect a FIT50 token and towel, to secure your spot in the class. Tokens can be purchased up to 30mins before the class begins. 

Check the timetable: Group Fitness and Small Group Training class times

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