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Booking a group fitness class

13 October 2023

From waiting lists to cancelling, find out about booking a group fitness class at UC Rec & Sport.

How to book a class
Can I join a class without booking?
  • Bookings are highly recommended for all of our Group Fitness classes, especially those with limited numbers like Spin and FIT50, or popular classes like Pilates  
  • You may not get a spot if you don't book ahead. We can add you to the class on arrival if there is space, or perhaps try signing up on your way over!
  • If you are sitting on the waitlist, you can come along and try your luck to see if there is space left. 
  • Sadly, some members still no-show, which means we have an available spot wasted :(   So, come along, try your luck, but have a back up plan! 
How does the waitlist work? 
  • If someone cancels a class, you can receive a notification or email (you choose in your app settings) that a space has become available 
  • Then, it's fastest finger!  First to respond and book, gets the spot. It doesn't matter where you are on the list.  

Check the timetable: Group Fitness and Small Group Training class times

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