Visitor parking

Visitors to campus are able to park in designated visitor parking areas. To park in these areas visitors will need to display an all day parking coupon or pay by licence plate number at a pay-by-plate unit.

The pay-by-plate units are paperless

You don't need to return to your car to place a ticket on the dashboard after paying for your parking. 

Follow these steps and you're on your way:

  1. Enter your car's licence plate number into the unit.
  2. Select how long you wish to park
  3. Pay for parking with coins, or contactless cards (Paywave).
  4. Press OK and select whether you want an e-receipt or not. 


 Departments who anticipate visitors coming onto campus might consider furnishing them in advance with a parking coupon.

Parking coupons can be purchased from the following designated outlets on campus:

  • University Bookshop
  • The Collective at College of Education
  • Recreation Centre
  • 114 Ilam Road - Security

Please refer to the map of designated outlets.