Displaying permits

Permits will come supplied with a clear plastic display pouch. The display pouch must be fixed to the inside of the windscreen of the vehicle in a position clearly visible to the Security & Traffic enforcement officers.

The permit must be displayed within the display pouch and be clearly visible. You may purchase as many additional display pouches as you need.

Additional display pouches will be available from Security for $2.00 each. It is insufficient to merely own a permit.

It must be clearly displayed at all times in accordance with the instructions. This will avoid enforcement action and possible penalty. If you forget to transfer your parking permit to another vehicle that you wish to park on campus, a daily coupon must be purchased and displayed appropriately. Failure to do so will result in enforcement action and possible penalty.

The person to whom the permit is issued is responsible for parking offences committed under that permit

It is a serious offence to attempt to display a duplicate or copy of a UC parking permit for the purpose of accessing University of Canterbury parking privileges.