Link Parking

Ilam entrance and Dovedale entrance

Two areas have been set aside on campus for staff who travel between the Dovedale site and the central Ilam site in the course of the day and also to cater for those staff at Dovedale who visit schools on a regular basis. The larger of the Link parking areas is on the Dovedale site in order to meet the increased demand for parking of that nature given the volumes of staff from the College of Education visiting schools. The smaller Link Park is located on central campus adjacent to the ICTS building and is designed to cater for College of Education staff teaching on central campus.

Only vehicles displaying the Link symbols in addition to their UC Parking permit will be permitted to park in either of the Link parks.

  • Dovedale Link Parking Area is located next to the Tennis Courts in front of Sonada.
  • Ilam Link Parking Area is located behind the ICTS building off University Drive.

Link parking symbol

The College of Education will be issued link tags and these will in turn be issued by the college on the basis of their requirements to access the Link parks. Facilities Management may also hold a number of Link symbols for temporary issue to other departments which may have a need for staff to travel on a short term basis between sites.

Note: All vehicles using these areas must also display a current UC parking Permit.

Use of Link parks

It is essential that the Link parks are used solely for that purpose and are NOT treated as all day parking. Enforcement of the Link parks will be constant and it is intended that a time limit of three hours is the most appropriate for a Link park.