Harihari field station

Harihari-field-station_DPT_block, Geology

Harihari field station is located on the western side of the South Island Alpine Range. Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, which descend from the main ranges at altitudes of 10,000ft to within 700ft of sea level. Podocarp forests and lakes are accessible within minutes from the field station.

The area has a high rainfall, which is well distributed throughout the year. Nevertheless, sunshine hours are quite high, 1840hrs per annum, and the range of temperature is low.

History of Harihari field station

John Matson formally opened the Harihari field station on the 16th February 1974. The building was designed by Keith McKenzie of the Christchurch architectural firm Hall and McKenzie and constructed by RC Jamison & Company. It was dedicated the Charles Foweraker field station as a tribute to, and in recognition of the work of Charles Foweraker, the 1924-34 School of Forestry's first lecturer. Charles Foweraker later became the school's first director, then a senior lecturer in Botany at the Canterbury University College. Harihari and the surrounding areas offered a wide range of environmental examples including geology, soils, unique landforms, and diverse plant communities, all ideally suited to the practical courses of the School of Forestry and other University departments.

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