Conditions of use for the UC field stations

The field stations at Cass and Westport are primarily used to provide accommodation and laboratory facilities for UC teaching field courses, site specific postgraduate and staff research.

Schools, educational institutes and community groups with appropriate educational/natural history interests are able to use the field stations when they are not required for UC courses or research activities.

The University of Canterbury Mt John Observatory and Birdling’s Flats are run as remote research facilities and as such are not available for general accommodation use. Please contact the Field Services Manager for more information about their conditions of use and availability.

UC has limited accommodation in Kaikōura, primarily for UC site specific researchers. Please contact the Field Services Manager for more information about conditions of use and availability

All of the UC field stations are shared facilities and no individual user or group can expect to have the exclusive use of a field station.

The cost for use of the field stations is kept at a minimum with the understanding that users contribute to the cleaning and care of the facilities. Where this is not the case an extra charge will be incurred.

The University reserves the right to change or cancel bookings where the facilities are required for UC activities. Every effort will of course be made to avoid the cancellation of confirmed bookings.

The UC policy on field station accommodation can be viewed here:

Field-Stations-accommodation policy.pdf

Additional conditions for minimum length of stay, day-time use only and conference functions may apply.

Any questions?

Contact the Field Services Manager