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Teaching & research building (sleeps 43)

Due to Covid level 2 restrictions there is a cap of 32 people staying at the field station. Large groups will have the building to themselves.
Non-site specific use of the field station will be on an individual approval basis while we are operating under covid level 2 restrictions. Contact the Field Services Manager for assistance 


Arrive Depart Name No
22-Nov-21 26-Nov-21 BIOL, research, EdJ
23-Nov-21 24-Nov-21 Manaaki Whenua research, JMcC 4
24-Nov-21 24-Nov-21 Manaaki Whenua research - day trip, MD 2
25-Nov-21 25-Nov-21 BIOL WATR203 day trip, HW 35
25-Nov-21 26-Nov-21 BIOL WATR203, assistance, LM  1
30-Nov-21 1-Dec-21 Pegas Bay School, AH 30 full
2-Dec-21 5-Dec-21 FM, maintenance painting, JL full
23-Dec-21 5-Jan-22 Closed   
18-Jan-22 26-Jan-22 BIOL305 teaching trip, PP 31full
12-Feb-22 18-Feb-22 GEOL352 teaching trip, TS 33full
4-Mar-22 6-Mar-22 Lincoln Uni SCIE393, CS 15
9-Apr-22 2-May-22 S1 midterm break UC use full
11-Apr-22 17-Apr-22 GEOG211 teaching trips, PZ-R 42full
21-Apr-22 30-Apr-22 BIOL275 teaching trips, KD 43full
27-Aug-22 11-Sept-22 S2 break, reserved for UC teaching trips full

* Provisional booking - covid level 2 permission process not completed

Research: Brian Mason building (sleeps 6-10)

 October 2021: Operationg under Covid-19 level 2 restrictions - limited sharing of facilities

Arrive Depart Name No.
28-Nov-21 4-Dec-21 Maths & Stats, workshop, CS 4
2-Dec-21 3-Dec-21 FM, maintenance, JL 2
23-Dec-21 5-Jan-22 Closed full
11-Feb-22 13-Feb-22 Closed full
9-Apr-22 1-May-22 UC S1 break reserved for teaching trips full
9-Apr-22 16-Apr-22 SEE, GEOL351 teaching trips, KB 5
23-Apr-22 30-Apr-22 FORE218 teaching trip, SP 6
28-Aug-22 10-Sept-22 GEOL241, teaching trips, SB full

Teaching: Maxwell Gage building (sleeps 36)

October 2021: Operating under Covid-19 levle 2 regulations: one group at a time 

Arrive Depart Name No.
11-Nov-21 25-Nov-21 FM, maintenance, JL full
25-Nov-21 26-Nov-21 Karoro School camp, JB 28
28-Nov-21 4-Dec-21 Maths&Stats, workshop, CS 15
23-Dec-21 5-Jan-22 Closed  
14-Jan-22 16-Jan-22 GEOL RockSoc trip, SF* 10 full
27-Jan-22 12 Feb 22 Rotary. Buller responce, GH full 
12-Feb-22 13-Feb-22 Closed  
4-Apr-22 6-Apr-22 Buller REAP, SJ 36
9-Apr-22 1-May-22 UC S1 break: reserved teaching trips full
9-Apr-22 16-Apr-22 SEE GEOL351 teaching trips, KB 31
23-Apr-22 30-Apr-22 FORE218, teaching trip, SP  36
28-Aug-22 10-Sept-22 SEE GEOL241, teaching trips, SB 30
24-Sept-22 25-Sept-22 Ngati Apa, Weekend, LO  full

* Provisional booking

UC Research accommodation (sleeps 8)

 Please note: Under the current Covid-19 level 2 rules there can only be a maximum of two groups (of up to 4 people per group) staying at the field station at any one time. Each group will use one bunkroom. There is no sharing of the bunkrooms between the two groups.

Arrive Depart Name No
1-Dec-21 11-Dec-21 BIOL, MERG research, SG 4
1-Dec-21 10-Dec-21 BIOL, MERG research, SM 2

 * = provisional reservation, pending approvals.

Research & teaching: 1 Meter Building 


Arrive Depart Name No
12-Nov-21 29-Nov-21 SPCS, research, FG (at flat) 1
20-11-21 24-12-21 BIOL, research, MT 1
20-11-21 24-12-21 BIOL, research, MT 2 assistants 2
22-Nov-21 5-Dec-21 SPCS research, BL 1
22-Nov-21 5-Dec-21 SPCS, research student HR 1
22-Nov-21 5-Dec-21 SPCS, research, AV 1
22-Nov-21 24-Nov-21 SPCS, ASTR211 trip, two bunk rooms 8
25-Nov-21 28-Nov-21 SPCS, ASTR211 trip, two bunk rooms 10
3-Dec-21 6-Dec-21 Otago Museum research, IG 2
4-Dec-21 11-Dec-21 BIOL, research, HH 1
5-Dec-21 19-Dec-21 SPCS, research student TBC* 1
10-Dec-21 18-Dec-21 SPCS, research, FG 1
10-Dec-21 13-Dec-21 SPCS research, BL 1
18-Dec-21 24-Dec-21 SPCS research, BL 1
18-Dec-21 9-Jan-22 SPCS, research, AV 1
23-Dec-21 5-Jan-22 Closed full
27-Dec-21 10-Jan-22 SPCS, research student TBC* 1
8-Jan-22  20-Jan-22  BIOL, research MT  1
9-Jan-22 24-Jan-22 SPCS, research student TBC* 1
10-Jan-22 1-Feb-22 SPCS research, BL 1
17-Jan-22 22-Jan-22 SPCE, research, FG 1
24-Jan-22 24-Jan-22 SPCS, research student TBC* 1
28-Jan-22 31-Jan-22 Otago Museum research, IG 2
31-Jan-22 9-feb-22 SPCS, research, AV 1
7-Feb-22 11-Feb-22 BIOL, research, HH 1
1-Feb-22 31-Oct-21 MOA, research, PT 1
27-Aug-22 11-Sept-22 ASTR211 teaching trips, KP 13 full

 * = provisional booking. This reservation will be confirmed when the relevant Covid-19 Level 2 H&S permissions have been recieved.

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