Co-curricular Record (CCR) FAQs

What does Co-Curricular Record mean?
Co-curricular means activities outside of your formal academic studies and your record lists relevant Activities that you participated in.

Do I have to do more than one activity to be participate in the CCR initiative?
You are not required to join multiple activities. How active you are is entirely up to you.

What happens if I decide not to continue with my CCR?
You can discontinue at any time by not applying to join activities or submitting claims for recognition.

Where can I find more information?
You can read more about CCR on the website:
You can also contact the Co-curricular Record Team for more information at

What are the activities?
Activities refer to approved UC and UCSA opportunities that students can participate in. This includes paid and voluntary roles, as well as roles part of scholarship programmes. Check out the list of CCR Activities here:

Who is the Activity Validator?
The Activity Validator is your point of contact for CCR Activities. They will be the person within each activity who receives and approves your application to participate and your statement for your record. 

Can I participate in more than one activity at a time?
Yes, you can be registered to multiple activities. However, remember that each activity requires at least 12 hours of participation so make sure you are not over-committing the time you have.

What if an activity I’m already doing is not listed as a CCR activity?
The CCR only involves approved UC or UCSA Activities for recognition for participation. If your activity is not on the CCR Activity list then contact the CCR Coordinator to see whether your activity could be registered with the initiative.

What are the Work Readiness Skills and Graduate Attributes?
UC has identified four non discipline-specific Graduate Attributes that students will acquire during their studies at UC and set them apart from graduates of other universities.

The nine Work Readiness Skills are what employers have identified as the key abilities they look for in job applicants.

The UC Graduate Attributes (GA) and Work Readiness Skills (WRS) are combined in the CCR Matrix to help you decide on skills to develop for the workplace. Read about these Graduate Attributes and Work Readiness Skills within the CCR on the GA/WRS webpages.

When do I decide which Work Readiness Skill and Graduate Attribute I've developed in my activity?
Once you have completed the requisite hours in the activity you reflect on your experience to decide which Work Readiness Skill (WRS) and Graduate Attribute (GA) best represents your development, and then submit a claim accordingly. Your choice of WRS and GA may differ from what was expected but either way most important is how you evidence your learning and development.

Can I do more than one activity within a single Work Readiness Skill or Graduate Attribute?
Yes, you can. You will find that multiple activities offer experiences that develop the same Work Readiness Skill or Graduate Attribute, but the setting and experience differs. This is a great way to focus on any one skill that you want to improve. However, also aim to have experience in other areas for a well-rounded record.

How are my Work Readiness Skills and Graduate Attributes verified?
When you submit your claim for recognition the Activity Validator will determine if you show enough development in the Work Readiness Skill and Graduate Attribute you are claiming, and have met the time requirement.

How does my record differ from my CV and academic transcript?
This record is exclusive to UC-affiliated activities and demonstrates your work readiness ability, which differs from your CV as that includes external and predominantly paid work experiences. It fundamentally differs from your academic transcript because it shows your non-academic development at UC.

Can I edit or change my claims after I have submitted them?
If you wish to change or edit a claim you’ve made relating to a specific activity, you should contact the Activity Validator. If you want to make a change to your complete document, contact the Co-curricular Record team.

How long is my CCR information kept after I graduate?
Your CCR information within CareerHub will be available to you after you graduate when you login as a graduate.

How do I access the CCR on CareerHub?
You can apply to CCR Activities and make claims of your involvement after signing up to the CCR initiative here. Click on the CCR link on CareerHub's homepage.

How can I see a list of all the activities I’ve applied for and claims I’ve made?
You can review your activities and record claims by clicking on the relevant sections in your CCR portal on CareerHub. The ‘Claim participation in your Activities’ section will show which activities you have been approved to and can claim for. The ‘Submitted claims’ section will show which claims you have submitted for approval, including which activity they related to and the Graduate Attribute and Work Readiness Skill you selected.

Can anyone access my CCR information on CareerHub?
Only you, a member of the Co-curricular Record team and any Activity Validators for the activities you join can access all or part of your CCR.