How to claim for recognition on your CCR

Click here to access the claim form. Then click on the Submit ‘CCR claim for {activity} name’ link. 

  1. The form will automatically populate your details.
  2. Enter the number of hours you’ve contributed to the activity (must be a minimum of 12)
  3. Select the work readiness skill you’ve developed and/or demonstrated (one per claim)
  4. Select the UC Graduate Attribute you’ve developed and/or demonstrated (one per claim)
  5. Use the STAR model (situation, task, action, result) to complete your activity statement and reflection. Here are some helpful tips:
    • You should write approximately 3 – 5 sentences in each box.
    • Be specific and tell us what you did as an individual rather than what the whole team did.
    • Try to provide an example if you can.
    • Make sure your reflection refers to the skill and attribute you are claiming for.
    • You don’t have to be the best at a skill in order to claim for it. Everyone is gaining skills at their own pace. Check out the skill and attribute descriptions to help you figure out your own skill level. These are only some examples so feel free to come up with your own.
    • Try to show how your skill has developed e.g. participating in this activity has helped develop my self-management skills so that now I can keep myself on task without supervision or being easily distracted. Or;
    • Try to show how your skill has been demonstrated e.g. participating in the activity made me realise that I’m quite good at keeping myself on task without supervision or being easily distracted.

For example – when claiming for problem solving and employability, innovation and enterprise:

Activity statement:

When working in a busy real estate office our photocopier was also our printer and fax machine. Faxes would arrive and need to be actioned immediately however they would get mixed up with printing and copying and go unnoticed for hours (Situation). I needed to come up with a way to easily recognise when a fax arrived so that the work could be completed and people could have access to move into their house (Task). I ordered different coloured paper to put in the tray of the photocopier which printed faxes so that if a fax was caught up with printing and copying, it would easily be seen (Action).


Everyone in the office could easily recognise a fax as soon as it printed out and my colleagues started to bring them to me straight away. We never had a mad panic again when a client arrived to collect the keys for their new house. This experience made me realise that I have the ability to problem solve and I discovered how rewarding it can be to solve a problem, even if it’s only a small one. (Result = outcome + learning)


6. Upload any photos and/or documents you would like to include to support your claim (this is optional)
7. Agree to the terms and conditions
8. Click “Submit”


You can opt to save as draft and complete the form later. You can also edit your claim after you’ve submitted it. You will no longer be able to edit once it has been approved.


Please contact your chosen activity organiser if you have any questions or come and see us at UC Careers, Level 1 Geography, cnr Arts and Forestry Rds.