Using technical equipment and tools to create more effective products.


Examples of types of technology are:

  • Using computer skills to create projects
  • Organising and storing information for easy access
  • Having the knowledge to solve technical problems
  • Selecting which applications to use to produce particular work
  • Identifying which information is the most relevant to the project 


Technology is a skill used in almost every career. At some point all types of work need the use of technology to complete tasks. Having the ability to learn how to use technology can make work more effective and is likely to produce better results

Since technology is so widely used, knowing how to use basic information technologies (IT) is a highly useful ability. Your work will also greatly benefit from using technology as it will improve how you use and produce information. It is also an important skill to help make learning new technologies faster.

Using technology is also helpful when it comes to organising information. IT can be a helpful way of managing and storing data so it can be used more effectively. This is a useful ability to learn to choose which technology will be the best option for using your information and how to find the most important data.

Most employers expect you to have some ability in technology. It is a very useful skill to develop as it can make learning new technology in the workplace easier. It will also expand the work you can create and the settings you can work in.