Working with others towards a single goal to produce high-quality work.


Examples of types of teamwork are:

  • Cooperating with different working styles
  • Giving feedback to others’ work
  • Resolving any issues that occur as a team
  • Taking advantage of your team’s knowledge in other areas
  • Sharing different ideas within the team about the project


Teamwork is an important part of the workplace as it involves cooperating in a single project. Working within a team allows you the chance to share and be a part of much larger projects than usual. You will also have the opportunity to give ideas towards these projects and to build connections.

As a key part of teamwork skills, you will learn how to work with others whatever their working style. Since each team member plays a part towards the end goal, you will gain the ability to identify and make the most of your own role. You will develop more realistic expectations of others and their workload, which is important when it comes to cooperation, even outside of a team setting.

Having teamwork skills is especially useful when it comes to sharing expertise and ideas for a project. Working within a team is a chance to use the knowledge and different ideas your team members have which could improve the result of your project. It is also a good opportunity to make the most of their workplace connections and form some of your own.

With experience in teamwork settings, you will be able to cooperate with a range of other people to produce work. This can be applied to broader work relationships and will improve how you can cooperate with everyone in the workplace.