Problem solving


Creating ways to sort out and rise above obstacles.


Examples of types of problem solving are:

  • Noticing any current or possible issues
  • Developing options to resolve issues
  • Resolving an issue with a customer
  • Testing what works in a situation
  • Applying solutions to a problem


Problem solving is a central skill to resolving or planning for any issues that might affect your work. You will learn to make creative choices that make the most of the situation and plan how to get around them in other work. Being able to come up with a practical way to solve a problem is useful in any setting.

Knowing how to solve problems can especially help you in difficult work situations. It is very useful to know how to deal with any problems that might make completing work hard and help prepare you for any possibilities. Problem solving is a useful way to make you ready to work in new settings.

With the ability to deal with obstacles, you can also learn how to come up with creative solutions. If you can find issues with your work, you could also learn to see problems before they happen which will make you more productive. This can also make planning easier.

Having the ability to solve problems is a skill that you will find useful in many situations. Showing employers that you can resolve any setback during work shows that you can make independent choices and are prepared for new work settings.