Having the ability to pick up new skills easily to expand knowledge.


Examples of types of learning are:

  • Seeing areas that you could improve on
  • Knowing when you need to learn something new
  • Understanding new ideas and develop new techniques
  • Applying what you have learned to different areas
  • Developing the ability to learn in any kind of setting


Learning is a skill that develops and improves what you know so you can apply yourself to more areas. By gaining more experience, you can show employers that you are willing and able to work within a range of different settings. Having the ability to learn new skills is a key part of being work-ready.

Being able to pick up new skills will prepare you for different fields of work. With a variety of skills to work with, you can open up many new opportunities and be a useful choice for employers.

As part of the learning process, you will also understand where you could improve on your current skills. Being able to spot areas that you could develop more is a valuable skill in managing where you would like to go in a career.

Learning is on-going and will continue to help expand your knowledge in different areas, which is important as both a career and life skill. Developing this skill will make learning more skills in the future easier and make you more valuable to employers looking to make the most of your experience.