Initiative and enterprise


The ability to find new opportunities and ideas and put them into practice.


Examples of types of initiative and enterprise are:

  • Planning ways to enhance usual practice
  • Developing creative ideas for new situations
  • Finding new opportunities to share information and ideas
  • Generating options and solutions to cope with changes
  • Achieving better results by implementing improvements


Initiative and enterprise are important skills to help develop new and better opportunities within your work. Being able to recognise a need to improve something is a valuable skill for making your work more productive. Being enterprising goes beyond normal effort; it means showing your enthusiasm to see your ideas into reality.

Recognising the need for a new opportunity or way of doing things can lead to a useful change in work practice. With the initiative to find better solutions to usual habits, you can improve the way you work and have a more effective outcome.

Knowing how to take your ideas and put them into practice shows that you are eager for success. Taking the steps to make your plan a reality is an innovative skill. By actually creating your ideas, it demonstrates how much value you put into your ideas and how well you work in a new setting.

Having initiative and an enterprising ability is a much-needed skill to make improvements to how businesses operate. It is important for employers to have someone able to adapt to new work situations by seeing ways to make valuable changes. Being able to put those changes into action also shows innovation.