Global awareness


Students will comprehend the influence of global conditions on their discipline and will be competent in engaging with global and multi-cultural contexts.


Examples of global awareness are:

  • Referring to international sources in your work
  • Communicating with an overseas organisation
  • Learning a new language and cultural tradition
  • Creating work with other language users in mind
  • Completing work in an overseas setting


Global awareness is an effort to include the international audience within a workplace setting. Having a range of global connections can help produce work with a bigger audience appeal and prepare you with skills to work on an international scale. UC is looking to increase global awareness in students as a way of strengthening relationships with the international world.

Creating work with a global perspective is a key way to increase its scope. With international views in mind, you will learn new ideas and possibilities when it comes to creating your work. The work you produce will also appeal to a broader audience, which means that it will reach and benefit more people.

Developing this ability also helps increase cultural awareness, which is a useful skill for overseas working opportunities. Being able to understand cultural backgrounds and values prepares you for a range of international work settings, which will increase the experiences and career options you could go for.

Keeping an international scope to your work is especially beneficial for reaching out to a broader audience. It will expand your own ideas and improve what you can add to your work. Learning global awareness is also a gateway to creating an international-scale career or working overseas.