Employability, innovation and enterprise


Students will develop key skills and attributes sought by employers that can be used in a range of applications.


Examples of employability, innovation and enterprise are:

  • Adapting a process to a different situation
  • Solving an issue with an original idea
  • Finding creative ways of producing better results
  • Discovering new opportunities for success
  • Actively putting ideas into action 


Employability, innovation and enterprise are important aspects of demonstrating and actively using your skills in the workplace. They involve the ability to come up with ideas and put them into practice, showing that you are motivated towards development in your work. UC aims to give you practical experience at putting your skills and ideas into use.

A key aspect of employability is to be able to apply your skills in a wide variety of situations. Being able to demonstrate your abilities and adapt them when necessary is an important part of any career. It shows employers that you can be resourceful and an active member of their workplace.

Innovation and enterprise are valuable skills because they show employers how you can create opportunities from issues. Having the initiative to find a chance to succeed out of a problem is a practical ability. You demonstrate that you are always looking out for ways to achieve better results for your work.

Having the resolve to use your skills to create success from any situation is a highly valued ability. It will prepare you for a range of career settings. Employers greatly appreciate someone who can put their ideas into action for an improved outcome.