Community engagement


Students will have observed and understood a culture within a community by reflecting on their own performance and experiences within that community.


Examples of community engagement are:

  • Participating and helping setting up public events
  • Volunteering for community-based work
  • Running an interest club
  • Communicating with the public for their opinion
  • Designing your work around a particular audience 


Community engagement is a valuable attribute to experience as it gives you a direct example of how your work can bring about positive change. It involves connecting with the public to learn their needs and to improve some part of their community. UC’s goal is to give you experience in working in the community to show how your work affects groups of people and how you can contribute to society in a helpful way.

This attribute is especially helpful in learning how to engage the audience of your work. Since you will be directly interacting with the public, you will gain first-hand experience of what your work can achieve for others. This can be useful to develop skills in knowing your audience and how to adapt your work towards their needs.

It is also a good way to understand how diverse society is. Much like a workplace setting, working within the community will show you how to cooperate with different processes, resources and values. This is a useful exercise in learning ways of communicating with others.

Understanding the value and need for the work you produce is important to learn about what you can give to your audience. Working within the community can give you the experience of working with a varied group of people and shows how you are willing to engage and support them.