Being able to understand, explain and connect different ideas for better results.


Examples of types of communication are:

  • Explaining your thoughts to be better understood
  • Listening more easily to others
  • Understanding and combining different ideas
  • Identifying what your customers want and need to know most
  • Sharing and writing information clearly


Communication is an important skill because it involves an exchange and connection of ideas. Using communication leads to a clear understanding of what you and your audience think and the ability to share information. The most common form of communication that you will learn is to speak and write clearly and to connect easily with others.

Having the ability to communicate well can improve your relationships with people you work with. When you can listen to and explain different ideas, working with others will be more productive and rewarding.

The work you are involved in will also become more useful. You will learn to create products that have a better understanding of the needs of your customers and can explain more directly the information they need.

Communication is a practical skill to learn for any career and will especially be helpful if you are looking to work with, and assist others.