Graduate Attributes and Work Readiness Skills

UC's Graduate Attributes

UC has created key characteristics for students to develop through their studies to set you apart from other university graduates. These four attributes make up the co-curricular aspect of the UC Graduate Profile, which is a set of skills you can claim on graduation as part of your university qualifications. They will prepare you for employability in New Zealand and across the globe.

The CCR gives you the opportunity to develop these four attributes in work settings outside of study. Each activity is designed to give you practical experience learning the four attributes within a range of skills and settings.

UC's Work Readiness Skills

These skills have been identified by UC as the most important skills employers look for in university graduates. They cover your ability to work in a variety of settings as well as preparation for further skill development once you are employed. All of these skills are useful for any career.

Using the CCR gives you experience learning and actively using these skills in work settings and credit for having developed them.