UC Sport Referee


UC Sport Referees supervise matches in the Social Sport Competition (SSC) within UC Sport. They preside over sports games made up of UC students (sports including Basketball, Cricket, Futsal, Netball and Vollleyball) and set up equipment. Referees work within term time between 12 and 4pm in this paid role.

Hours involved in the activity

3 activity involvement options.

  • Option 1 - One semester officiating 2hrs/week for 10 weeks (minimum)
  • Option 2 - Two semesters officiating 2hrs/week for 20 weeks, OR one semester officiating 4hrs/week for 10 weeks
  • Option 3 - Two semesters officiating 4hrs/week for 20 weeks

For every 12 hours of active learning you can claim recognition for one skill and one attribute. NB: opportunities only exist to develop the skills and attributes specified for this activity in the grey areas of the table below. 

Depending on the activity option selected you can claim 1, 2 or 3 learning and development outcomes.

  • Option 1 - 1 intersection point
  • Option 2 - 2 intersection points
  • Option 3 - 3 intersection points


Emma Cantwell
Sports Development Coordinator
Room KD02 Kirkwood Village
Student Services & Communication
Ph: (03) 369 3797
Email: emma.cantwell@canterbury.ac.nz

Work readiness skill/Graduate attribute

By actively engaging in this activity, you can claim against one of the pre-determined intersection points detailed below. You should reflect on your experience and select the WRS/GA intersection point that best represents your learning outcome.

  • A1 - Communication - UC Sport Referees will develop their communications skills through interactions with students from bicultural backgrounds.
  • A2 - Initiative and enterprise - UC Sport Referees are encouraged to come up with creative ways to improve the Social Sport Competition experience to students from bicultural backgrounds.
  • A3 - Leadership - UC Sport Referees will develop leadership skills through supervising sports games involving students from bicultural backgrounds.
  • A6 - Problem solving - UC Sport Referees can reach solutions for any disagreements during games with respect to biculturalism.
  • A7 - Self-management - UC Sport Referees will be able to act professionally as a representative of UC Sport with respect to biculturalism.
  • A8 - Teamwork - UC Sport Referees will work as part of a bicultural team to oversee the matches within the Social Sport Competition.
  • B1 - Communication - UC Sport Referees can communicate effectively the rules and decisions during the matches they supervise to the student teams.
  • B2 - Initiative and enterprise - UC Sport Referees can come up with ways to make the Social Sport Competition an exciting and engaging experience for the student community.
  • B3 - Leadership - UC Sport Referees gain leadership experience through presiding over sports matches and coordinating student teams.
  • B6 - Problem solving - UC Sport Referees can resolve any disagreements about play or rulings within matches and can overcome situations where teams may default without notice.
  • B7 - Self-management - UC Sport Referees will be able to conduct themselves in a professional manner as a representative of UC Sport and for the Social Sport Competition.
  • C1 - Communication - UC Sport Referees can effectively communicate information about the Social Sport Competition and match rulings to a range of students.
  • C2 - Initiative and enterprise - UC Sport Referees will inform UC Sport staff of creative and new ways to produce better results within the programme.
  • C3 - Leadership - UC Sport Referees will apply their skills to take sole charge of games to create a safe, fun and effective environment for students.
  • C6 - Problem solving - UC Sport Referees can resolve issues that occur to equipment, environment or students competing.
  • C7 - Self-management - UC Sport Referees can perform tasks and duties independently, be responsible for work practices and have exceptional time management.
  • C8 - Teamwork - UC Sport Referees work alongside their team to create a fun and engaging student experience.
Matrix intersection points for UC Sport Referees (highlighted in grey)
Co-curricular Record (CCR)

UC Graduate Attributes (GAs)

Bicultural Competence & Confidence Community Engagement Employability Innovation & Enterprise Global Awareness
Work Readiness Skills (WRS) Communication A1 B1 C1 D1
Initiative and enterprise A2 B2 C2 D2
Leadership A3 B3 C3 D3
Learning A4 B4 C4 D4
Planning and organising A5 B5 C5 D5
Problem solving A6 B6 C6 D6
Self-management A7 B7 C7 D7
Teamwork A8 B8 C8 D8
Technology A9 B9 C9 D9

CCR criteria

  • UC affiliated
  • Not an academic prerequisite
  • Not for academic credit

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