Te Rua Makerspace


Te Rua volunteers will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of skill-building activities in the UC library makerspace, including:

1. Assisting Te Rua staff in the operational set-up of events.
2. Running workshops in an area of proficiency/personal interest.
3. Creating resources for Te Rua events/outreach.
4. Facilitating social crafting events.

Through these activities, students will develop practical skills in facilitating creativity while increasing personal knowledge of Makerspace-specific technologies.

Eligibility/Selection Criteria & Process

Volunteers will ideally already have experience in Te Rua as a Maker, however any student with an interest in our activities, regardless of prior experience, can apply.


Any training required as part of running workshops and or operating machinery/technology will be facilitated by Te Rua staff and counted towards total volunteer hours.


To get involved, please contact either:

Work readiness skill/Graduate attribute

By actively engaging in this activity, you can claim against one of the pre-determined skills and attributes shown below. You should reflect on your experience and select the attribute and skill that best represents your learning outcome.

Community engagement

  • Communication: You identify target audience and communicate accordingly
  • Initiative and enterprise: You generate new ideas to achieve positive outcomes for your community.
  • Leadership: You motivate your community to achieve goals
  • Learning: You are able to learn from your community
  • Planning & organising: Tasks are coordinated in an effective manner
  • Problem-solving: Problems are identified and positively remedied
  • Self-management: You identify tasks and take responsibility for own progress
  • Teamwork: Ideas and workload are effectively shared
  • Technology: Applications best suited for specific project/community are used

Employability, innovation and enterprise

  • Communication: New ideas are communicated clearly and efficiently
  • Initiative and enterprise: Market gaps are identified and filled
  • Leadership: You successfully organise and manage others
  • Learning: You are open to learning new processes
  • Planning & organising: A project is coordinated from start to finish
  • Problem-solving: You resolve unexpected issues with the project
  • Self-management: You identify skills that could make you more successful
  • Teamwork: You maintain an effective project-focused team
  • Technology: You identify the best applications to use for specific tasks