Door access

To use your card for after hours door access:

  • Wave your Canterbury Card close to the proximity readers.
  • If necessary, enter your PIN and press the in key. Your PIN is the four digit number you entered when you were issued your card. If you have forgotten your PIN contact the Security Office.
  • The enter light will flash and you can open the door for entry.
  • Exiting through most controlled doors is by a green push button beside the door or by waving the card at the reader provided.

The unit will display the following errors:

  • Try again - a light flashes and long beep. Wave your card again.
  • PIN required - a light flashes and long beep. Enter your PIN code.
  • Disallowed - a light flashes and long beep. This means you are not authorised to have access through that door.

Report persistent card problems to the the Security Office by email

Faulty Canterbury Cards will be replaced free of charge. For more information please see the Card replacement and security page.

Security and safety

Do not permit others to "tail-gate" behind you as they may not be authorised to have access.