Waitlists Explained

Waitlist offer

From 1 October every student will receive an offer or a waitlist offer.  Some halls receive more applications than places available and are required to run a selection process.  Bishop Julius Hall, College House and Rochester and Rutherford Hall traditionally undertake a selection process.  They will manage their own waitlist and keep in regular contact with waitlisted students.

If you are offered a waitlist place, we advise that you accept this offer as the hall's intention is not to waitlist more students than they anticipate being able to accommodate.  

You can decline your waitlist offer for a room in an alternative hall if preferred.  Email Accommodation Services for available options.

You cannot hold an offer and be waitlisted at the same time.   

UC general waitlist

Once the first round of offers is complete, all waitlisted students will be merged into a general waitlist managed by Accommodation Services.  At this point all halls will have access to waitlisted students to offer the best opportunity for a room.  Students will be given the option of a room in a hall with availability or to remain on the general waitlist.  Accommodation Services will keep in regular contact with waitlisted students. 

More information

Contact Accommodation Services/Te Ratonga Nohonga for more information and advice.