Halls of Residence Tours

Halls of residence tours for 2024 accommodation are now available to book online.  To arrange a tour, please complete a booking form.

If a tour is not offered on the date you are planning to visit UC, you can contact the hall directly to enquire if a tour may be possible: 

Halls of Residence Tour Contacts
Arcady Hall

Ollie van der Pol, Operations Manager
Īmēra: operations@arcadyhall.org.nz 
Waea: (03) 364 2747

College House

Rosemary Wall, Office Manager
Īmēra: office@collegehouse.org.nz
Waea: (03) 364 2001


UniLodge Customer Service Team
Īmēra: hayashi@unilodge.co.nz
Waea: (03) 266 0400

Ilam Student Accommodation

UniLodge Customer Service Team
Īmēra: ilam@unilodge.co.nz
Waea: (03) 266 0400

Kirkwood Avenue Hall

UniLodge Customer Service Team
Īmēra: kirkwood@unilodge.co.nz
Waea: (03) 266 0400

Rochester and Rutherford Hall 

Kate O'Brien, Office Manager
Īmēra: office@rochester-rutherford.org.nz
Waea: (03) 364 2799

Sonoda Christchurch Campus

Unilodge Customer Service Team
Īmēra: sonoda@unilodge.co.nz
Waea: (03) 266 0400


Unilodge Customer Service Team
Īmēra: tupuanuku@unilodge.co.nz
Waea: (027) 247 6822

University Hall

UniLodge Customer Service Team
Īmēra: universityhall@unilodge.co.nz
Waea: (03) 266 0400

24 March 2021

More information

Contact Accommodation Services/Te Ratonga Nohonga for more information and advice.