General Waitlist

For 2022, Accommodation Services will operate a General Waitlist held centrally that all halls will have access to.  This ensures the student the best opportunity of being offered a room on campus.

The option of a General Waitlist will be offered if a student's application has been moved through all halls selected in their application form and unsuccessful.  Please note: this does not mean the student has been declined by each hall, in some cases halls are not able to consider second and/or third preferences as they have already made their selections from first and/or second preference applications.  It is, therefore, important to choose preferences carefully.

The benefit of a General Waitlist is:

  • The application will be accessible to all halls, rather than held by one individual hall.
  • The application will be moved between all their preferred halls before offered the option of a General Waitlist or an alternative hall with available rooms.
  • Accommodation Services will communicate weekly to waitlisted students advising on availability.   

It is important to note that any of the halls listed in the student's application are able to offer a room at any time.  It is the student's decision to accept or decline the offer.  If the offer is declined and the student wishes to remain on the General Waitlist, they must inform Accommodation Services of their decision.

If a hall wishes to offer a room to a student who has not listed them as a preference, Accommodation Services will contact the student to advise if they are happy to be offered a room at that hall.

A student cannot be offered a room and stay on the General Waitlist at the same time.

The University of Canterbury has agreements with Arcady Hall, College House, Rochester and Rutherford Hall, UniLodge (Tupuanuku) and Campus Living Villages (Hayashi, Ilam Apartments, Kirkwood Avenue Hall, Sonoda, University Hall) as specialist accommodation providers.  A residential contract is, therefore, a legal binding document between the individual hall of residence and the student - please read the terms and conditions carefully, particularly in regard to penalties to withdraw from a contract, once signed.

More information

Contact Accommodation Services/Te Ratonga Nohonga for more information and advice.