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17 August 2022

Keenious: Discover relevant research to any document

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What is Keenious?

Keenious is a research tool which analyses your document with artificial intelligence, and returns a list of research articles and topics that are highly relevant to what your document is about. In other words, Keenious is a search tool that uses natural language processing "AI" to search for literature by analysing your writing. It can analyse a whole document or a selected part of the document to search. Keenious has add-ons for both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Keenious should be used as an additional tool to search for literature along with traditional databases.

Setting up Keenious with Word and Google Docs

Keenious is freely accessible to all UC students and staff. The add-on may already appear in Microsoft Word if you are signed in with your UC account or you can add it yourself. You can also add to Google Docs yourself. Keenious have easy to follow instructions for adding it to Word on their help page and the process is similar for Google Docs.

Please put in a support Request to the University's IT in the UC Services Portal if you have trouble getting Keenious working in Word, or browse Keenious’s tips on adding Keenious to Microsoft Word on their website.

Searching with Keenious

To start using Keenious for searching, after installing the add-on for either Microsoft Word or Google Docs, open the add-on. The Keenious side panel will appear. Now you can either search based on the entire document or select just a part of text to search on. Click the 'Research Articles' to begin searching. For more information on searching with Keenious, including options for refining your search, see their expanding set of help articles here.

Full-Text Access

Once you've found a publication you wish to view, the easiest way to access the full-text is by clicking on the 'Access Full-Text' button (if you're signed up with your UC email it will direct you to the library). Alternatively, you can click on the DOI to be directed to the publication itself and then access it via the library.

Exporting Citations

When you've found a publication you want to use, remember to reference it fully. By clicking on the quotation marks (") at the top right of the Keenious panel a reference will be generated in the style you choose. You can copy paste this to your bibliography or download the reference to later import to your preferred reference management tool. Export as an RIS file for EndNote, ZoteroMendeley or similar tools. BibTeX is also available for those using LaTeX.


Subject librarian help is available here and more info about the Keenious tool can be found here.

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