Image of the week: 26 October

21 October 2020

Happy Hallow-week!

The Psychic Research Society of Christchurch New Zealand Inc. Records Scrapbook contains a variety of newspaper articles, transcripts of séances and letters detailing possible psychic phenomena occurring in New Zealand and internationally.

The Scrapbook also contains photographs in which ghostly looking figures haunt the living subjects. These photos have captions which question the authenticity of spirit photography as the same effect can be achieved with double exposure photography.

You can find out more about the Scrapbook and Spiritualism in New Zealand through the online exhibit: “Southern Spirits”:

The credit for both images: Scrapbook, c. 1940s, Psychic Research Society of Christchurch New Zealand Inc. records (MB705, Ref, 79133).

See the full Scrap Book, and explore our archive and art collections in our catalogue, Kā Kohika.

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