2019 Salon Sessions

08 April 2019

Our open lunch time discussions continue, with the Salon Series 2019

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Come and join a session (sessions are held in Poutama (Room 388) Puaka James Hight (Central Library), no need to book.   
Themes will be announced ahead of each session.

Salon Series 2019 schedule for Semester 1.


Wednesday 28 May

Professor Angus McFarlane

You are encouraged to participate in an open and kind way, under Chatham House rules (i.e. please don't attribute any comments made at the session, when sharing information to others who were not present at the session). 

Anton Angelo RLIANZA, MIS.

Research Data Co-ordinator / Kairuruku Raraunga Rangahau
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Email: anton.angelo@canterbury.ac.nz

Phone: +64 3 369 3853
Phone internal: 93853 

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